Current Group Members

Principal Investigator

Photo of Dr. Charles R. Martin
Dr. Charles R. Martin
Crow and Distinguished Professor

Current Graduate Students

Photo of Stevie Bush
Stevie Bush
Graduate Student


Stevie received her B.S. in chemistry from Arkansas State University in 2017. She participated in the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program sponsored by NSF and worked as a research assistant at the University of Alabama. There she studied the detection of explosives by MOFs using mass spectrometry. Stevie joined the Martin group in the spring of 2018 and is currently researching the ionic transport properties of polymer membranes.

Fun Fact: Stevie was a UCA National Champion Cheerleader in 2013.


Honors & Awards

Bates Summer Fellowship (2022)

Laitinen Summer Fellowship (2021)

Winefordner Summer Assistantship (2021)

Grinter Fellowship (2017-2020)

Graduating Chemistry Student of the Year (ASU, 2017)

Magnu Cum Laude Graduate (ASU, 2017)



LinkedIn Profile:

Photo of Thomas Volta
Thomas Volta
Lab Manager


Thomas received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Florida in 2019. He joined the Martin group as a third year undergraduate in the spring of 2018. During his undergraduate research he studied ionic diffusion through nanopores for novel drug delivery. As a graduate student, Thomas is researching the ionic transport properties of modified polymer membranes.

Fun Fact: Thomas purchased a pet tarantula to overcome his fear of spiders.


Current Undergraduate Researchers

Photo of Jake Marsh
Jake Marsh
Undergraduate Researcher


Jake is a junior materials science and engineering student. He  joined the Martin group in the spring of 2020 and is currently researching the facilitated transport of DNA through modified polymer membranes.