Past Masters Graduate Researchers

NameMasters Thesis TitleYear Degree Awarded
Dooho ParkSelective deposition and release of gold nanoparticles based on nanowell-array2007
John WhartonNanopore Membrane Sensors2003
Greg WithbroeSynthesis of Novel Conductive Polymers1995
Scott StoweSynthesis and Gas-Transport Properties of Thin Film Poly(N-Methylpyrrole) Composite Membranes1995
C. Anthony PitratUltramicroelectrode Arrays1994
Marjorie NicholsonEffect of Polymer Electrode Morphology on Performance of a Lithium/Polypyrrole Battery1991
Bruce BurtonTransport in Polypyrrole1987
Edwin R. Alvarez-RoaLuminescence Titrations of Polyelectrolytes1986
Kathleen A. DollardInvestigations of the Transport Properties of Nafion®1984
James E. WilkersonInvestigations of the Ion Exchange Selectivity of Nafion®1983