Past Doctorial Graduate Researchers

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NameTitle of DissertationYear Degree
Dr. Stevie Walters
Ionic Transport Properties of Electrolytes Confined within Nanopores2022


NameTitle of DissertationYear Degree Awarded
Dr. Juliette ExpertonElectrochemical Investigations of Gold-Microtube Membranes with Applications in Biology and Energy2019
Dr. Xiaojian WuTransport in Conical Nanopores: Ion-Current Rectification and Electroosmotic Flow Rectification2016
Dr. Peng GaoIonic Transport Properties of Template Synthesized Gold Nanotube Membrane2015
Dr. William HardySynthesis, Modification, and Applicatoins of Template Prepared Porus Membranes2014
Dr. Gregory W. BishopAsymmetric Nanopore Membranes: Single Molecule Detection and Unique Transport Properties2011
Dr. Peng GuoGeneral Method for Producing Biodegradable Nanoparticles and Nanofibers based on Nanoporous Membrane2011
Dr. Dooho ParkNanofabrication based on self-ordered porous anodic alumina2010
Dr. Kaan KececiPreparation and characterization of solid state nanopores for DNA sensing applications2010
Dr. Lloyd P. HorneDeveloping resistive-pulse sensors using artificial conical nanopores in track-etched polymer membranes2010

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NameTitle of DissertationYear Degree Awarded
Dr. Pu JinFabrication of synthetic nanopores in thin films for studies of analytical applications2009
Dr. Lindsay T. SextonDevelopment of synthetic conical nanopores for protein sensing applications2009
Dr. Hector M. CaicedoBioanalytical applications of affinity-based nanotube membranes for sensing and separations2008
Dr. JiaHai WangFabrication of robust biomimetic nanopore for biomolecular and biomedical analysis2008
Dr. Fan XuTemplate synthesis for the development of three-dimensional nanostructured solid-state lithium-ion batteries and investigation of carbon-based nanostructured materials2007
Dr. John WhartonFabrication of asymmetric pores for biosensors and transport studies2007
Dr. Fatih BuyukserinTemplate synthesized membranes for ion transport modulation and silica-based delivery systems2007
Dr. Elizabeth HeinsDevelopment of biomimetic sensing elements based on synthetic nanopores2005
Dr. Charles R. SidesNanoscale energy storage electrodes by template-synthesis2005
Dr. Lacramioara TroffinNanotube membranes for chemical and biochemical sensing and separation2005
Dr. Damian OdomNanoporous anodic alumina membranes: transport properties and replication2005
Dr. C. Chad HarrellDesigning abiotic single nanotube membranes for bioanalytical and biomedical applications2004
Dr. Scott MillerCarbon Nanotubule Membranes2004
Dr. Naichao LiApplying Nanoscale Science to Li-Ion Battery and Membrane Transport2003
Dr. Shufang YuNanostructure Fabrication and Patterning for use in Chemical separations and Sensors2003
Dr. David T. MitchellFacilitated Transport and Membrane Separations2003

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NameTitle of DissertationYear Degree Awarded
Prof. Charles Kevin ChamblissElectrochemically Modified Separation of Ions from Aqueous Media 1999
Dr. Charles J. PatrissiTemplate Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Lithium Insertion Electrodes and Nanogold Aluminum Oxide Composite Membranes1999
Dr. Kshama B. JirageThe Fabrication of Gold Nanotubule Membranes and their Applications in Chemical Separations1999
Dr. Brinda B. LakshmiUsing Biological Carriers Immobilzed in Porous Polymeric and Sol-Gel Template Synthesized Nanotubular Membranes1998
Dr. Veronica CepakThe Preparation of Concentric-Tubular Composite Microstructures and Nanorod Sols Using Template Synthesis1996
Dr. Ranjani V. ParthasarathyTemplate-Synthesis of Electronically Conductive Polymer Microstructures – Fundamentals and Applications1996
Dr. Vinod P. MenonTemplate Synthesis of Polymeric and Metallic Nanostructures1996
Dr. Louis HornyakOptical Properties of Nanometal-Porous Alumina Composites1996
Dr. Wen-Janq ChenUltrathin Film Composite Membranes1995
Dr. Del R. LawsonOxygen Reduction in Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells1995
Dr. Charles J. BrumlikUltramicroelectrode Ensembles1994
Dr. Arvind ParthasarathyOxygen Reduction at the Platinum/Nafion® Interface1993
Dr. Leon S. Van DykeElectronically Conductive Polymers1993
Dr. Junting LeiSynthesis and Characterization of Conductive Polypyrrole – Fibrils, Composites, Films and Powders1992
Dr. Zhihua CaiSynthesis and Characterization of Electronically Conductive Heterocyclic Polymers1991
Dr. Chao LiuDevelopment of High-Performance Composite Membranes for Electrochemical Processes and Gas Separations1991

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NameTitle of DissertationYear Degree Awarded
Prof. Jorge L. ColónLuminescence Probe Studies of Ionically Conductive Membranes: Zirconium Phosphate Sulfophenylphosphonate and Nafion® 1989
Dr. Lisa D. WhiteleyInvestigations of the Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of Ionomers Using Microelectrodes1988
Prof. Robert B. Moore, IIIChemical and Morphological Properties of Solution-Cast Perfluorosulfonated Ionomers1988
Prof. Reginald M. PennerIon-Transport in Thin Polypyrrole Films1987
Dr. Nelson E. PrietoLuminescence Probe Studies of Ionomers1984

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