Past Undergraduate Researchers

NameProjectTime with Martin Group
Miriana RegisPotentiometric Selectivity of Polycarbonate Membranes2021
Sofia StansburyPotentiometric Selectivity of Polycarbonate Membranes2020 to 2021
Jay KenPotentiometric Selectivity of Polycarbonate Membranes2019 to 2020
Fuad ShataraAu Particle Synthesis on Gold Microtubes2019 to 2020
John DangSingle Molecule Permeation through Nanopores2019 to 2020
Emily Johnson MnO2 Synthesis on Gold Microtubes 2017 to 2019
Tyler GaliberIonic Diffusion through Nanopores for Drug Delivery2018 to 2019
Demetra PantelisAnion Selective Membrane for Controllable Drug Delivery2015 to 2018
Gelan WangMnO2 Synthesis on Gold Microtubes2016 to 2018
Nikita ShahidadpuryE. coli Electroporation with pGFP2016 to 2017
Aaron WilsonGold-Microtube Membrane for Low-Voltage Flow-Through Electroporation2014 to 2017
Sam Konchan Gold Nanotubes 2015 to 2016
 Gabriel Zapata Gold Nanoparticles2013 to 2015
 Hyuna ChoTrack-Etching 2011 to 2015
 Ben RophieElectroosmotic Flow in Carbon Nanotubes 2013 to 2014
 Albert Rophie Electroosmotic Flow in Carbon Nanotubes2013 to 2014
Marcos LopezElectroosmotic Flow Rectification2009 to 2013
Laura QuerioAsymmetric NanoporesSummer 2011
Joseph JacksonCarbon Nanotube MembranesSpring 2010
Matthew PorterNanotube SensorsSpring 2009 to Fall 2010
Silvia FernandesChitosan NanotesttubesSummer 2009
Glauco Pilon Dos SantosNanotube SensorsSpring 2009
André Guimarães de OliveiraNanotube SensorsSpring 2009
Lindsey AndersonInvestigations of Conical Nanopores2009
Aurelien ForgetInvestigations of Conical NanoporesSpring 2008
Kevin NealDNA Nanotubes2008 to 2009
Amanda B. CottonInvestigations of Conical Nanopores2007 to 2008
Ramiro PalmaNanotube Sensors2006 to 2008
Stefanie SherrillNanotube SensorsJanuary 2006 to May 2007
Miguel MotaPorous Alumina GrowthJanuary 2003 to 2005
Otonye BraideNanotube BiosensorsSummer 2003
Angelique BlackburnPorous Aluminum GrowthJune to July 2001
Matthew ParkerGold Nanotubule Temperature SynthesisJune 2001 to July 2002
Christopher BeachEtching Nuclear-Tracked MembranesMay to December 2001
Nicole ThorpNew Nanoporous MembranesMay 1998 to June 1999
Pat AndersonMolecular Recognition MembranesJanuary 1996 to May 1998
Elizabeth OberhauserFabrication of Porous Anodic Films and CompositesJanuary 1996 to March 1998
Jason StaffordFabrication of Glucose SensorsJune to August 1996
Jason HenrieMolecular Recognition MembranesJune to August 1995
Joe CaballeroC60 Thin FilmsSeptember 1993 to June 1994
Phil MartellaroOptical Properties of NanometalsJanuary to August 1993
Celeste GalePreparation of New Buckminster Fullerene-Based SaltsJanuary to June 1992
Jon StockertOptical Investigations of Microstructure ArraysJanuary 1991 to March 1994
Juanita DortchPreparation of Submicron-Sized Chemical Microstructures on Electrode SurfacesSummer 1988
Don FlairElectrochemical Properties of Ion-Containing PolymersSpring 1983
Tom McNealElectrochemical Properties of Ion-Containing PolymersSpring 1983
Gary GuentherInvestigations of Ion-Containing PolymersJanuary to December 1983
Kim CavenderNovel Anion Selective ElectrodesSpring 1982